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About Bullfrog Plumbing

Hello! I am Jeremy and I am the owner/operator of Bullfrog Plumbing. At the moment, we are a very small company with no employees. I do the billing and plumbing work. The benefit to that is personal, consistent and attentive service to your specific situation. With clear communication, we can make it happen and “Get it done”. Call me and let’s solve your problem. I promise to do only what’s best for you.


Our Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

Toilets and faucets are tricky. 

Toilets and faucets are tricky. Give me a call and I will do my best to fix them instead of the more costly option of replacing.

Water Heaters

They don’t always need replaced!

If your tank style water heater is not leaking water but has other issues, it’s probably fixable… 

Give me a call and let’s get it done!

Drain Cleaning

Toilets, sinks and showers

If one of those fixtures has trouble draining, call us and we will be able to help. If you have multiple fixtures with draining problems you will need to call a rooter specific company with the proper equipment to help you with your sewer main problem.

Gas Piping

Let’s flex it. Let’s move it. 

Bullfrog Plumbing can move your existing black iron pipe or install CSST when things get tricky. We aren’t able to hard-pipe entire homes at this point.

Thank you 

Shower Repair

Stop wasting water

Almost any type of shower valve can be repaired. If you find your valve leaking by, call me and let’s start saving you money on water that you don’t use. 


Would you like to change or upgrade?

When you are thinking about remodeling your home it is important to talk with contractors like Bullfrog Plumbing. The knowledge of how a house is put together goes a long way to getting the results you are looking for. With a little collaboration and communication anything is possible! 

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