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When Bullfrog Plumbing started, there was not much work happening (recession). I needed to make a decision and my decision was to try doing my own thing. Bullfrog Plumbing is a local company that appreciates the support of all of NoCo and beyond.

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Let me know you’ve seen this and receive 10% off our first project together.

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Bullfrog Plumbing is always concerned about helping you with your plumbing needs. Call me and let’s figure it out!

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There is never a charge for me to look at your plumbing issue. I will tell you what I think needs done and it’s up to you from there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Water is leaking from somewhere on my water heater, should it be replaced?

Good question! Any sign of water leaking from a water heater is not good. However, sometimes there is a fix and the water heater wouldn’t need replaced.
Call Bullfrog and let’s figure it out!

Why does the toilet keep running?

Toilets are tricky but most are fixable. They usually have a bad flapper or fill valve.
Call me and let’s figure it out.

Why do we run out of hot water so quickly?

There are a lot of possibilities these days. If you have a tank water heater, it is probably your dip tube. If you have a tankless water heater, it could be undersized due to additional, out of the ordinary usage.
Call Bullfrog Plumbing, we know how to help!

How can I check if I have a water leak?

This one can be fairly easy.
*Locate your water meter. (Below is an example of a commercial water meter) These are often where the water line enters the house or in a pit in the front/back yard.
*Write down the numbered reading. (If it has one)
*Make sure no water is used for an hour.
*Check the reading again. If the numbers have increased, you may have a problem.
Call Bullfrog and let’s assess the situation.


Who We are

Jeremy Metzler

Jeremy Metzler






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Happy Customers

This company is great!! I’ve had Jeremy help me out several times and he’s just amazing – he’s very meticulous and makes sure everything is perfect before he leaves. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone,

Peggy B.

Excellent work. Competitive pricing. Came over in a timely manner. Very professional. Fixed out pressure vacuum breaker connected to our sprinkler system that busted from a freeze. I highly recommend Bullfrog Plumbing. I will be using Bullfrog Plumbing in the future.

Z Vollmar

Of all the plumbing services I’ve used in Northern Colorado, Bullfrog Plumbing stands far above the rest. Jeremy (the owner) demonstrated clear communication, courteousness, professionalism and expertise when he installed plumbing for a bathroom vanity, toilet and a wet bar. From the first I spoke with Jeremy, he impressed me with exceptional support and his customer service. He further surprised me with his willingness and ability to accommodate frequently changing plumbing and scheduling requirements.
Without question, I will contact Bullfrog Plumbing for any future plumbing needs.

J.S.C. Colorado

Absolutely the best service ever received from a plumber. Highly impressed by his professionalism and quality of work!

Amy H.

Since 2010

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